About GT Applications
GT Applications was founded by Jon Provost, a Motorsport UK Clerk of Course and driver.

Jon has been programming since the age of 12 and started his own business just 2 years later. He has been developing systems for all types of industry including entry management, championship management, public display management and many more. This previous experience has led him to developing his Race Control Management System and starting GT Applications.

Jon started development of the Race Control Management System to make his life easier! As soon as he started his training as a Motorsport UK Clerk of Course he used the one thing he does note like, paper! That is when he started developing a way of making managing track limits easier. From the offset, other clerks seemed interested in the system and asked if they could start using it. This led Jon to continue developing it. Over several years, the application has built into a fully-fledged system for managing all track activity.

Jon knows the efficiency gain that this project has given him personally and wants to share this with other clerks and clubs.