Race Control Management System
Race Control - Simplified

GT Applications have developed the Race Control Management System for motorsport clubs providing a paperless and easy to use solution to race management.

This allows your clerks to maintain focus on what is happening on track instead of logging, track limits and penalty management.

Designed and developed by a current Motorsport UK Clerk of Course over several years to give you the best possible, fully tested solution.

Track Limits Management

This project started life as a basic track limits monitoring system and has new grew into a full Race Control Management System.

Track limits remains at the forefront of the solution. By simply entering the car number and tapping on one of the turn buttons, it is instantly logged, and the tally has started. No need to try and work out how many times a driver has had track limits.

Each report is instantly totted up and once action is required, it appears in the colour coded table for the clerk immediate attention.

On Track Status

Easy to read track status icons allow you to easily see what is happening on track at a glance.

Times are automatically logged so you can see exactly when the status changed. This is vital when looking for incidents such as overtaking under Safety Car.

On Track Pealties

Managing on-track penalties, especially in endurance races, can be difficult. They tend to come in thick and fast so managing them can be particularly challenging.

Easily apply penalties to a car with a wide range of default penalties as well as custom options. A list of outstanding penalties will show you quickly, what still needs to be done.

Simple shown or served buttons allow you to indicate quickly once a penalty is done allowing you to keep better track of all penalties and keep focus on the track.

Fully Paperless

Everything is logged so you know exactly what and when something happens on track. It can be accesses at any time giving you the power of the data at any time.

Everything is timestamped so you can easily see what needs to be investigated after the session.

For more complex races, such as endurance, paper logs can become very long and hand to follow. With everything logged, even changing over clerk shifts is made easier as everything that has happened is clear and easy to follow.

Customised to your club

You will get your very own environment and URL, customised to you and your club.
Example: yourclub.gtapps.co.uk

Coming soon... Full Judicial Record Keeping
Monitor all penalties applied during a meeting. Exports available as a full meeting judicial log. Drivers penalty history

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